Dogzillas' Logo

Meet the Zillas!

Dogzillas are a Norfolk based Street Food business that uses locally sourced, quality ingredients in our street food menu alongside the best quality smoked German Frankfurters to create our take on gourmet Hotdogs. We also serve our fantastic "Bunny Chow" - a South African inspired street food made from a quarter loaf, hollowed out, toasted and then filled with our own variety of superb dishes. We strive to deliver monster, kick-ass flavours and tastes of Classic World Street foods so our menu will always be fresh and forever changing/evolving!

Chilli Dog Boston Bean Dog Plain Dog The Beastie

What we're about

  • to use locally sourced ingredients in our products were possible
  • use best quality ingredients
  • to use tantalising flavours and ingredients to make delicious food
  • to have fun
  • dare to be different, try new ideas and innovation in our business
  • take pride in our making of food
  • continue to try and improve our food and service

The Dogzillas' Package

The Dogzillas would love to cater your next function! With flexible and affordable packages, we can bring the ultimate gourmet street food experience for your upcoming event. The Dogzillas specialize in private events of all types: birthday parties, weddings, functions and meetings, celebrations - you name it, we can do it! For as little as 50 to 250 people, Dogzillas will provide you and your guests our original Dogzillas dogs, Curry dogs and more. We pride ourselves on exceptional food that is great for all ages and excellent customer service.